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May 2nd, 2024 by Gerardo Cappelli

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Prenups are getting more popular among millennials. What to know before you sign

There could be several reasons why we are seeing a rise in couples getting prenups.  People are getting married a little bit later, in their 30s and 40s and may have accumulated some assets or they are starting their lives with generational wealth from their parents.  In this case, the interest in the prenup can come from the parents.  These are important discussions that should be started six months to a year before the wedding.

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Asset Allocation Strategy - May 

Inflation is still persisting but it appears that the rise in prices are the consequence of lagged effects with a reisilient economy and not from an overheating economy.  With the latest inflationary surprises, the US markets are expecting only one rate cut in 2024 compared to six at the start of the year.

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Parents finally downsizing?  How to help with the big move.

A few years ago, we helped downsize my mother-in-law from a 3 bedroom home with full basement to a 400 square foot space.  Walking into a house filled with furniture and clothing  and knowing you have to whittle that down to a few boxes is stressful.  Here are some things to think about when starting the process.

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How Power of Attorney Works

We usually think of a Power of Attorney for aging parents or spouses but POAs are also important for those who do not have a significant other.  These are essential and  important documents that can make dealing with financial issues during difficult times much easier.  The Ontario Securities Commission has some good information and I have also included an article from NB Trust.

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Doors Open - Toronto and Richmond Hill

I think I include this event every May but that is because there is so much to choose from and new things added every year.  In May, Toronto and Richmond Hill have free open houses in a variety of architectural, historical, cultural and socially significant buildings around the city.  This year's theme is hidden histories.


Toronto / Richmond Hill


Toronto & Region Conservation Authority Spring Bird Festival - Tommy Thompson Park

We often ride our bikes to Tommy Thompson Park down to the water.  This park provides a stopover habitat for migrating birds.  Over 318 species have been recorded at the park.  On May 11th, they will have guided walks and presentations.  You can even register to help plant a shrub that will provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.

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