Ginette Blondeau has been a National Bank Financial Wealth Advisor since 2006.

Inspired by the power of saving and the potential of financial independence, Ginette applies her substantial expertise to attaining her clients’ goals in a manner that is both transparent and appropriate to the task.

An adherent of the principles of integrated personal finance, Ginette’s securities practice is closely and deliberately interwoven with her financial planning abilities. She weighs opportunity and risk while at the same time giving consideration to legal, fiscal, and family planning implications that may arise as a result of her analysis. The approach serves her clients well: their plans are realistic, their results are measurable, and peace of mind is secured.

Having worked in the financial sector since 1987, Ginette is known for her ability to listen and her structured approach to personal investing. Beyond her strong analytical skills, Ginette has inspired a great many clients to believe in the strength of their own plan, a mentoring role that many deeply appreciate and find illuminating.

  • Financial planner (2000)
  • Registered Representative, Securities (2001)
  • Financial Security Representative (2001)
  • Wealth Management (Recognized outside Quebec – 2003).